High school registration list and Jan 18 online start

High school registration listHigh school registration list

Good afternoon,

As per the discussion on the Pandemic Committee (January 14, 2021):

. WEC will continue providing online education until January 31, 2021;

· High School students will start their online classes from Monday January 18, 2021. Please see the attached class lists;

· During this time staff will be working from home;

· Based on the situations, we may start blending (50% online and 50% face-to-face) from February 1, 2021;

· Please phone/email/inboxing or use any other social media to contact students/parents/guardians to get more online participation. If you need any students'/

parents’/guardians' contact info please contact Judy Fiddler or Maxine A;

WEC will also be providing an incentive /class from grades k-9 parents/student in form of gift cards that participates in online learning - 2 per grade from K- 9 and one each from each high school class.

· If you need any other info please contact 306 236 4723.