Online classroom access

Greetings to all students and parents. We kindly ask that students grade 5 - 12 continue to sign onto their school Gmail accounts, as most teachers have been posting instructional and practice material on there, as per request of school administration that we employ multiple modes of delivery, not only paper based. A good way to do this so you never miss updates is to sync your school Gmail to your phone. Students should also continue to sign onto other accounts being used in the classroom such as IXL math, Mathletics, SeaSaw, etc., according to your teacher's wishes.
We understand that parents may choose not to have their child participate in these supplemental learning activities, as addressed in the supplemental learning plan, however for high school students keep in mind that further participation will likely result in a higher final mark for the course.
Should anyone forget their passwords for any of their accounts, please contact the teacher, or the school directly. Take care everyone.